Retirement Planning Services in Washington D.C., District of Columbia

We offer Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, and Immediate Annuities as underlying investments to any Retirement Plan.

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What is the Color of your Money! Red, Yellow, or Green

We can help prepare a plan and help you start on your road to a prosperous, safely invested, retirement income plan.

District Annuity Resource offers Retirement Planning services in Washington D.C., District of Columbia. There are many facets and obstacles of retirement planning and we are here to help you navigate all of your investment choices and put things into perspective. We use the Rule of 100 and The color of money to help you understand the different aspects of risk, tolerance, and time frame to create a retirement income stream that you desire.

You could say that we practice Safe Money Strategies because when planning for retirement, it is no time to take unnecessary risks with your money. There is no time for loss and hope for better returns in the future. We specifically do not offer mutual funds, ETF’s, bonds, stocks, variable annuities, or REITs  for the severe potential risk for loss of initial principal. Every investor is different and everyone wants a great return for little or no work.

We apologize that it just does not work that way. If all retirement planning was that easy, there would be no problem for everyone to retire at age 60. We feel that you can retire at whatever age you wish, as long as you understand and have planned for income streams that will provide you enough income to last the rest of your life. Most people think they need a round number like 1 million and that is just not the case. We can help you understand the risks of Red money, Yellow money, and both Light Green and Dark Green money when it comes to your investments.

Nothing in life is certain besides death and taxes, but we want to make sure you have income that you cannot outlive until it does not really matter. We look forward to working with you and getting you on the right track to retirement.

We understand that you live a life, and the cost of living that life is exponentially increasing over time. It seems like you can never catch up. We take a hard look at your investments, your time horizon, your investment attitude towards money and expected returns and create a plan that you can follow. That plan will be the honest truth of your situation and what recommended action you need to take on your part. It is up to you to follow that plan or to fall back into your old ways. Telling people the truth for me is the easiest thing to do in the world. The truth does not change and it is my opinion and I would gladly help you achieve your dreams, but those dreams need to be realistic.

Enjoy the website and learn about new strategies, options for retirement funding, and the wonderful world of annuities. We look forward to working with you and call or email anytime.

For more information or to set up a Retirement Planning consultation, click here.