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Health Insurance options for residents living in Washington D.C.

District Annuity Resource is a spinoff from our main agency called Comrade Financial Group. We do however also offer Individual Health Insurance plans as well as Group Health Insurance plans for residents and businesses located within Washington D.C. This past year we became certified and authorized to offer all plans offered through the Health Insurance Exchange known as D.C. Health Link. There are some steps to remember and go through to ensure that you have a smooth enrollment process.

Steps to Enroll for Health Insurance in Washington D.C.

  • First – Take a look at your tax return and determine your MAGI. The IRS figures out any subsidy, tax credits, or cost sharing reductions based on your Modified Adjusted Gross Income. Once you have this number, determine the number of people on the actual return. Plans offered are either individual, or family plans and are based on the number of people on the tax return, location, sex, and age. There are income guidelines to help you determine if you are eligible for a subsidy and if you are, it will be discovered and disclosed to you on D.C. Health Link with a choice to use it each month, or wait for tax time as a credit on your return.
  • Second – Go to and follow the instructions to apply and create an account. This step is pretty easy, but you will need your tax return, social security numbers, and other personal information. As you go through the application, the exchange will verify this with several security questions that only you will know. Once the account is created, please write down somewhere your ID and password as you will need it each time you log in.
  • Third – You can elect to utilize the services of a broker to help explain the plans and actually enroll you in a plan. There is a question mark in the upper right hand corner of the log in screen. That is where you select your broker by entering in their reference number. My reference number is 5376834. Then you select and then confirm your broker selection which allows that broker to enroll you into a plan. This is optional as some people do not need help.
  • Forth – Health Insurance is mandated by the ACA, but not Dental, except for pediatric. So if you are under 19, there you can elect to enroll off exchange directly with a carrier or have a broker send you a quote link and apply directly with that carrier.
  • Fifth – Congratulations! You are now enrolled and it is not over yet. There have been communication problems between the carriers and the exchanges so please call the carrier directly to ensure that your application has been transmitted over to the carrier. If that is successful, then we suggest that you make a payment over the phone for the plan that you selected. Now you have enrolled in a Health Insurance plan on D.C. Health Link. Remember, you can change plans but it has to go through the exchange and takes about 30 days.

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Washington D.C. Health Insurance options and choices on D.C. Health Link

Income Guidelines for Tax Credits, Subsidies, and Cost Sharing Reductions

Washington D.C. Health Insurance options and choices on D.C. Health Link