The Best MYGA Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best MYGA Annuities in Washington D.C.

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District Annuity Resource is the best broker in Washington D.C. to learn about, shop and compare, and purchase MYGA Annuities. Many people confuse MYGA Annuities with Fixed Annuities as MYGA type Annuities actually come with a contractual guarantee. Fixed Annuities do as well, but when shopping for a multi year guaranteed product, there are many things to consider like time horizon and actual use of this type of investment product. Many insurance carriers that offer these products have similar rates so it is important to look at carrier ratings as well as terms of the MYGA Annuity products.



You can learn about the main benefits and advantages of MYGA Annuities here on our website and we encourage you to research all of your options before entering into a multi year contract as inflation does change over time and we always want the best return on investment for all of our clients. A great resource is this website as well as many others but we wanted our site to be simple, beautiful and information. MYGA Annuities are sometimes referred to as CD Type Annuities as they most closely mirror savings strategies that most investors use CD’s for. However these contracts are with insurance companies and not with banks.

It is also important to review at least three different products with three different carriers to explore their payout options as well as other contractual guarantees. After you have found a product that you like, then look at carrier ratings as they are important for the safety and security of your investment. Not all carriers are equal that is why we always suggest speaking to a knowledgable annuity broker like District Annuity Resource to discover all of your options. We look forward to helping you on your path to savings and compounding of interest to really make your money work for you.


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