The Best Immediate Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best Immediate Annuities in Washington D.C.

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District Annuity Resource is your source for Immediate Annuities for residents living in Washington D.C. to create an immediate income stream or immediate pension. We love Immediate Annuities because they are the most simple type of Annuity for us to process. You have worked your whole life and built up a large sum of cash and now you are really trying to decided what to do with it. There are many people that say, put it in the market and double your money. They will also say they are broke when you lose it all and ask for a loan. Immediate Annuities are a simple concept that insurance companies that are rated, and protected offer immediate annuity products that offer an income stream to help lower a tax burden on a wind fall or even turn a IRA or 401K into an income stream.


Immediate Annuities offer many different payout options for you to receive your money back but it is up to you to decide that. You can choose life only, which means that your income stream will only last for as long as you are alive. We do not suggest this option as your beneficiaries will not benefit if you have not exhausted your original principle deposit. You have many options and we would love to discuss those with you as each person and each situation are unique and involve many variables. Speaking of variables, we do not offer variable annuities as they have the potential for loss of original principle and no one especially us would want to be responsible for someone losing money. All investments have risk, but Immediate Annuities are based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company and their ratings. There are also other contractual obligations that they must meet but that legal jargon is sometimes hard to understand.

That is where District Annuity Resource and Jack Fleming come into the scenario. It is your money, it will always be your money, but how much do you want back as a monthly income or yearly income. We can help you determine that amount and supplement your retirement income with an Immediate Annuity as income usually starts one month after the deposit and goes on until the selected distribution option. Immediate Annuities are not for everyone, but browse our website and look at others as well to learn what you need to determine if an Immediate Annuity is right for you. We also can point out advantages as well as disadvantages and be impartial about it.


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Jack Fleming – Washington D.C. Annuity Broker