The Best MYGA Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best MYGA Annuities in Washington D.C.

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District Annuity Resource is the best broker in Washington D.C. to learn about, shop and compare, and purchase MYGA Annuities. Many people confuse MYGA Annuities with Fixed Annuities as MYGA type Annuities actually come with a contractual guarantee. Fixed Annuities do as well, but when shopping for a multi year guaranteed product, there are many things to consider like time horizon and actual use of this type of investment product. Many insurance carriers that offer these products have similar rates so it is important to look at carrier ratings as well as terms of the MYGA Annuity products.


You can learn about the main benefits and advantages of MYGA Annuities here on our website and we encourage you to research all of your options before entering into a multi year contract as inflation does change over time and we always want the best return on investment for all of our clients. A great resource is this website as well as many others but we wanted our site to be simple, beautiful and information. MYGA Annuities are sometimes referred to as CD Type Annuities as they most closely mirror savings strategies that most investors use CD’s for. However these contracts are with insurance companies and not with banks.

It is also important to review at least three different products with three different carriers to explore their payout options as well as other contractual guarantees. After you have found a product that you like, then look at carrier ratings as they are important for the safety and security of your investment. Not all carriers are equal that is why we always suggest speaking to a knowledgable annuity broker like District Annuity Resource to discover all of your options. We look forward to helping you on your path to savings and compounding of interest to really make your money work for you.

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Jack Fleming – Washington D.C. Annuity Broker

The Best Immediate Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best Immediate Annuities in Washington D.C.

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District Annuity Resource is your source for Immediate Annuities for residents living in Washington D.C. to create an immediate income stream or immediate pension. We love Immediate Annuities because they are the most simple type of Annuity for us to process. You have worked your whole life and built up a large sum of cash and now you are really trying to decided what to do with it. There are many people that say, put it in the market and double your money. They will also say they are broke when you lose it all and ask for a loan. Immediate Annuities are a simple concept that insurance companies that are rated, and protected offer immediate annuity products that offer an income stream to help lower a tax burden on a wind fall or even turn a IRA or 401K into an income stream.

Immediate Annuities offer many different payout options for you to receive your money back but it is up to you to decide that. You can choose life only, which means that your income stream will only last for as long as you are alive. We do not suggest this option as your beneficiaries will not benefit if you have not exhausted your original principle deposit. You have many options and we would love to discuss those with you as each person and each situation are unique and involve many variables. Speaking of variables, we do not offer variable annuities as they have the potential for loss of original principle and no one especially us would want to be responsible for someone losing money. All investments have risk, but Immediate Annuities are based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company and their ratings. There are also other contractual obligations that they must meet but that legal jargon is sometimes hard to understand.

That is where District Annuity Resource and Jack Fleming come into the scenario. It is your money, it will always be your money, but how much do you want back as a monthly income or yearly income. We can help you determine that amount and supplement your retirement income with an Immediate Annuity as income usually starts one month after the deposit and goes on until the selected distribution option. Immediate Annuities are not for everyone, but browse our website and look at others as well to learn what you need to determine if an Immediate Annuity is right for you. We also can point out advantages as well as disadvantages and be impartial about it.

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Jack Fleming – Washington D.C. Annuity Broker


The Best Fixed Indexed Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best Fixed Indexed Annuities in Washington D.C.


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     District Annuity Resource is the best broker in Washington D.C. to learn about Fixed Indexed Annuities. You can shop, compare, and finalize your product on your time frame to make sure that the carrier and product best suits your needs. We are Annuity Brokers that deal with all top carriers with only high ratings to ensure you will never have to worry about what your investment is doing. Fixed Indexed Annuities are great retirement savings products because they give you many many options for account accumulation.

Fixed Index Annuities are named this way because you have the option of allocating your assets into a fixed account which earns fixed interest. Once this interest is credited it cannot go down. Then there is the other option of allocating your account into different indexes for growth only which is linked to a selected index. Insurance companies do have caps on this growth, but it is fair compared to substantial losses many of our clients have faced with other investments. Again, once interest that is earned from these index baskets as we like to call them get credited to your account, it cannot go down. Even if there is a major collapse like we all experienced in 2008, many accounts stayed the same with no loss. Granted there was no gain, but as things got back to semi-normal, gains were again seen in these index account allocations.

One thing to consider with Fixed Indexed Annuities are Income Riders. Income riders are available in most products but do come at a cost. If you decide to elect lifetime income, you in essence exchange the right of a lump sum to lifetime income based on a percentage according to your age. Fixed Indexed Annuities are great investments that can help you achieve lifetime income in retirement. However, not all products are equal and might not match your unique situation so please consult an Annuity Broker to discover all of your options.

We look forward to helping you discover your options and retirement plan with Fixed Indexed Annuities with Income Riders.

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Jack Fleming – Washington D.C. Annuity Broker


The Best Fixed Annuities in Washington D.C.

Best Fixed Annuities in Washington D.C.

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District Annuity Resource is the best broker in Washington D.C. to learn about Fixed Annuities. We offer free advice and an online spreadsheet of all products to get you the best rates for your Fixed Annuity. Fixed Annuities over the years have been used for many reasons like just saving money, but not with a bank. You see Annuities are insurance contracts between you and the insurance company. You have the cash and they will pay you a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time. There are many variations of fixed annuities but many have 5 year terms, or 7 year terms or even longer. We do not suggest you open one longer unless it is part of a fixed annuity laddering strategy and it is only part of your money that will not be needed for that specific term.


Savers are savers and spenders are spenders and we talk to spenders all the time. They feel like they have to keep up with society and the latest products and trends. However once in a while we do have the pleasure of talking to fellow savers like ourselves and help them start a annuity savings strategy where they save, rollover, save and keep earning more and more for retirement. Rates with Fixed Annuities will always be better than what a bank can offer and we do business often with bankers. Browse the website and learn about what Fixed Annuities can do for you.

We wanted to share a laddering strategy with Fixed Annuities while you are here. Lets use a 10k dollar example. Split that 10k into 5 parts of 2k each. The first 2k open a ten year fixed annuity. The second 2k open a 7 year fixed annuity. The third 2k open a 5 yr fixed annuity. The fourth 2k open a 3 yr fixed annuity. The last 2k open a 1 yr fixed annuity. When the 1 yr matures, rollover to a 10yr fixed annuity. Keep going and rollover each annuity for a set amount of time to ensure you will always have liquidity.



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Jack Fleming – Washington D.C. Annuity Broker

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We are happy to announce the grand opening of District Annuity Resource. We know that many of our clients have benefitted from Annuities.

This website is one of three sites that was designed and created to help educate all people of  Washington D.C., District of Columbia about Annuities, Retirement options and creating an Income for Life through Insurance product like Annuities. Annuities are not for everyone, however there are many positives to owning an Annuity. Annuities are Insurance products offered by Insurance companies that have many nuances that are at first difficult to understand. You will find that owning an Annuity and reaping the benefits of your product far outweigh the returns you can receive in the market. The best thing, I think about Annuities is when your interest is credited, it is locked in and cannot go down. The market goes up and down. When the market goes up, your gains are locked. When the market goes down, you have an allocation option called the Inverse Performance Trigger. That is an option you can choose at anniversary or at contact opening. The Inverse Performance Trigger is kind of like shorting a stock. If the Index has zero gains, you are guaranteed a set return. If the Index has a negative return, you are guaranteed a set return.

There are many, many choices that you have to choose from. It all depends on your preferences. You have the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 200 to name a few. The best thing about Annuities I think is that they have moderate surrender charges. It almost forces you to keep the account open. Remember this is money that you don’t really need for day to day living and you want to invest in your future. Each state has suitability guidelines you must meet to even be able to invest in an Annuity. The unique thing about Annuities is that they will offer you modest if not great returns based on the contract features that include floor rates and cap rates. Floor rates and the minimum that you can earn in returns. Cap rates are the max you can earn even if the index does better than the cap. There are also participation rates that some products offer. Participation rates are rates that offer potentially higher returns from the index you have allocated. If you choose a participation rate of 50% and the index has a return of 9%. You have just earned 4.5% on the funds you have allocated to that part of your annuity.

There are several types of Annuities and you have to educate yourself on which one best suits your needs. There are Fixed Annuities that offer a fixed rate of return similar to a CD with a bank. These Fixed Annuities offer guarantees from 1 to 10 years depending on the initial investment. These types of Annuities are ideally suited for Laddering strategies.

There are also Fixed Indexed Annuities. These types of Annuities have several options for Index choices as well as a couple of different options for income. First of all, the reason it’s called Fixed- Indexed is because there are two types of accounts inside of one. There is a fixed account that the insurance company will offer a guaranteed rate of return. Funds deposited through the year will usually get deposited into the fixed account until your annual allocation. There is also an Index Account that you allocate where your funds will be invested. Think of this as an account with one big basket with two little baskets inside of it. That is the best way I can explain it. Sometimes the insurance company will offer bonuses on premium for as long as 7 years. That means that any funds deposited into the account will receive a bonus. Some of these bonus annuities have lower cap rates so please look at all of your options.

The Fixed Indexed Annuities also have an Income feature. This feature is called an Income Rider. Some companies call it a Guaranteed Income Withdrawal Rider. A rider is an attachment to the original contact. The rider has a cost and offers anywhere between 5.5% for life to 6.5% for 10 years. Some Insurance companies have different options but what this means is that you agree to keep the annuity for a certain contract period in an in return you will receive income for a specified period of time, or even for life. Most contracts have a spousal continuance feature which means that if you elect to receive income from the Annuity, and you expire, your spouse will continue to receive the income for life. If there are any funds left in the account after both husband and wife expire, then the proceeds are distributed to the beneficiaries.

The last type of Annuity that we offer are Immediate Annuities. Immediate Annuities are offered by Insurance companies as a way to create a pension. Once funds are deposited with a Insurance company, the immediate annuity will pay  a determined amount back to the annuitant each month, each year until the death of the annuitant. These Immediate Annuities can pay benefits for Life, Life with installment refund, Life with cash refund, or Certain. There are many options for all of these types of Annuities so please read all literature and examine the contracts closely to ensure that you know and fully understand each contract. We love Annuities and what they can provide for people. Income for life these days almost seems to good to be true but it is a reality that we help customers each day.

We hope you like our website and spread the word about it. We are open, honest and very transparent about what we do, what we offer, and how you get to where you need to be. That was a great first post and many more to come. If you have a specific question about your annuity, please feel free to call us or email so we can help you be clear on your financial decisions.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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